Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Lucrecia receives a stove.

Lucrecia's husband works taking sand out of the river . The sand is then sold for construction but he only gets paid if someone comes and buys the sand. So many days he doesn't sell anything, other days if it rains too much, he is unable to work.

Their kitchen is just plastic, they are renting the room that they live in.

But Lucrecia and her family's life have been greatly improved by receiving an onil stove yesterday.
Lucrecia was cooking on blocks beforehand with no chimney and so the smoke would stay in the kitchen and their room, but now the smoke will be taken out by a chimney, and they will have a safe place to cook.

An onil stove costs $160 US.
If you would like to donate one, there are many families like Lucrecia who would love to have one.

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