Friday, October 16, 2009

Malnutrition rises in drought stricken Guatemala...please help.

This is an article from the Miami Herald.
We are seeing here every day how people are in need of food.
We have families coming to us who have not eaten and do not have any food at home.
In Chucumuc, near Santiago Atitlan we saw children with bald patches in their heads and children with hair that is becoming yellow.

At a small school in Cerro de Oro, the teacher told us that most children come to school without eating breakfast and many go home to lunch which is only tortillas with salt.

Daily we are giving out food to families in need, if you would like to help and give food to a family, or if you would like to supply lunch to a whole school , please contact us. We would be thrilled to have your help.

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  1. Oh' this is kind of situation makes me really sad. I wish there are many people who has a big heart to help them in their situation.