Monday, October 19, 2009

Rosita ....hunger in Guatemala.

Rosita just had her 2nd birthday on October 13th but there was no birthday cake or celebrations.
There was very little food.
Rosita weighs just 14lbs and 2 ounces.
Her father works taking sand out of the river in Panajachel.
Her sibling is just 11 months old .
Her elder brother 4yrs old died earlier this year.
The mother does not have enough breastmilk for either of them.
Little Rosita cannot stand up on her legs. She can crawl sometimes.
She is very lethargic.
We gave the family lunch when they came today, we gave them eggs, beans, incaparina and sugar to take home.
We gave both the babies formula to drink.
Tomorrow little Rosita and her baby sister will be going to the doctor to have tests.
They will also be receiving more food.
Thanks to the kind donations we have received we are able to provide food for this family.
We are looking for a sponsor for this family, someone who will provide on going food and medical care.
A donation of $60 US a month will help this family survive.

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