Sunday, October 25, 2009

Gifts of food!

These are some of the lucky families that received food from their sponsors this week.
Daily we have more and more people coming to us who do not have enough to eat.

This family came all the way from Chichicastenango to pick up beans and corn.

This family is from Tierra Linda. They would then carry this food basket back up the mountain on their is at least an hour walk up the mountain for them.

This single mother is supporting her children alone. She doesn't make enough to be able to feed them sufficiently.....they were thrilled with this wonderful gift of food and a chicken.!

If you would like to send food to your sponsored family or if you would just like to send food to a needy family...any amount matter how small will be appreciated!

We purchase all the food from the local market and this also helps the local economy.
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