Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Help Save Lake Atitlan.

Anyone who has visited here will be very saddened and concerned to see this article.
I have been hearing for days that the lake has a brown "scum" around the shores but only yesterday did I see it myself . We were driving out of Panajachel to San Jorge la Laguna and I was shocked to see how far spread the brown algae was. In front of Hotel Atitlan there is no longer beautiful blue sparkling water, the whole bay is covered in a brown algae.
There have been Govt. helicopters flying over for the past few days assessing the situation and late yesterday afternoon , a line of goverment cars with blackened windows, obviously carrying some VIPS came into town.
I hope that something will be done before it is too late.
All the villages around the lake depend on would be devastating for the local economy to lose that income....already the fisherman are without work. There is now a warning on eating fish from the lake. http://guatemala- news/guatemala/ 1222-help- save-lake- atitlan-guatemal a.html


  1. check this video to see the dimension of the problem

  2. So sad to hear. Sharon, please continue to keep us posted on the status of Lake Atitlan. It would be great if there were some program in which jobs could be created to plant trees or do other things to help combat this.

  3. Here is a great website with a lot of up to date information.