Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Blessings from Loida

Loida is recovering well and sends all of us blessings! Thanks for coming together for this lovely woman!

Here is a letter from Loida with a personal message to all of you:

Dear Miss Ely:

I hope everything is well in your work and material life, and especially in your spiritual life. Above all else that you take care of, take care of your heart, because it is the mana of life. Prov. 4-23 (Prov. 4:5-9)

Well, I have to tell you that thanks to God, the day of the operation came and went, as always I was a little nervous, then during the operation as well a little, because the doctor told me that he suspected a small tumor in the nerve and it was exactly as he thought. Fortunately it was a benign tumor, but the doctor had to cut the nerve, which means that two of my toes are completely insensitive. The surgery was small but deep because the damage was under my toes.

The day that they took out the stitches, a friend took me, and it was supposedly a whole day trip, but we were stuck in the road for the whole night because a big mudslide fell and we had to go back to look for somewhere to sleep in Chimaltenango. And we left early the next day, but there was still no way to get through the road. We finally arrived in Panajachel, exhausted, but thanks to God, we were safe.

Now comes the difficult part because I have to get accustomed to the bother I feel now that my toes have lost all sensation, and until now, I have just now begun to feel the bother, but I will get used to it. Well I have spent my energy now, I just wanted to give thanks to you for taking me into account. Thanks for making my world a little less difficult. I want to tell you that the 5 operations I have endured, mostly all this alone. Now it is so different because I have so quickly found so many special people in my life like you, and others. Those that I have known for so long a time, years past, and some that I don’t even know. Nevertheless, they are special to me, and I ask God to bless all of them. Can you imagine it, now someone has volunteered to give me food massages. I feel so appreciated and thankful for this attention. I am thankful for everything from God, because there are so many blessings I don’t even feel like I deserve them. Only by his grace, it doesn’t matter the circumstances, all things help for good and when we understand that EVERYTHING has a purpose for our life, we should feel happy, even in pain. Thanks Miss Ely, people like you have shown the love of God, through service to your neighbor and that reflects always in your smiling face.

God bless you, give you much health, and may all your goals be fulfuilled.


Loida Elena Muñoz and children

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