Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Food for families in Guatemala.

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Today we handed out food in Panajachel to many families in need. Several of the families were widows, single mothers, elderly and families whose husbands have lost their work. In several cases, it was women who have lost their jobs and are feeling very desperate. The situation is not good for many people. Due to the floods and mudslides, there is very little tourism. This is the season when there usually is not too much tourism but it is very dead right now. Several restaurants and stores have been laying off staff . The local council has not been able to pay the council workers for the past month. They have not received any wages.
The prices for food are increasing. Many people are trying to find new housing because their old houses are inhabitable or are in a very dangerous location. This has pushed up the price of rent.
But at least the road to Solola opened up today and the road to the city is opened.
This will help with food deliveries and reduce shortages.

Thanks to your donations, tomorrow ....we will be able to continue giving out food to other villages. Tomorrow we hope to give food to some of the people from San Jorge.
We also hope to receive Shelter Boxes that we will be able to put up for families to live in. In San Antonio Palopo there are many families sleeping in the cemetary with just plastic bags covering them.
Thank you for everyone who has been able to send in donations, thanks to everyone who has sent good wishes and is keeping the people of Guatemala in their thoughts and prayers.

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