Thursday, September 9, 2010

San Antonio Palopo needs help.

These are some of the families from San Antonio Palopo and how they are living in the cemetery. Either their homes have been destroyed or they are too scared to go back to live in their existing homes. So many of the homes are in danger of landslides. There have been so many landslides in the village that it feels like the whole mountain is going to come down. Many other people are sleeping in the market place or at the church. Many do not have mats or enough blankets.

We are waiting to take delivery of 25 Shelter boxes that we can deliver tomorrow to San Antonio Palopo and be able to have some of these people living in a shelter.

It is still raining, not as strongly but at least every day it is raining. It is miserable for these families. San Antonio Palopo still cannot be reached by road due to the landslides. The only way is by boat.

Any donations, no matter how small will be able to help these families have food, blankets and shelter.
Please consider sending something to help them.
To donate...please go to this link

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