Sunday, September 5, 2010

San Antonio Palopo Receives Aid

San Antonio Palopo was once again one of the hardest hit by mudslides. The people of San Antonio were deeply appreciative for the food and clothes you donated.

This community remains cut off from stores and roads by mudslides.

Mayan Families staff and volunteers went by boat to San Antonio Palopo yesterday to hand out food, baby clothes, and diapers, to so many grateful families who have lost their homes or had their homes filled with water and mud once again.

Over 50 families, received food yesterday-thanks to you. Over 100 people spent the night in the cemetery, where they felt a bit more secure from landslides.

This community has suffered fatalities once again, perhaps 4 people, now missing. Mayan Families was the only non-profit able to respond in San Antonio, because we were luckily able to get a boat to take us across, loaded with volunteers and donations.

The particularly urgent need right now in San Antonio is money for food and for traditional clothing. This community, like many we serve is 100% indigenous, and the women and over half the men wear exclusively traditional dress. Your donation for traditional clothing will help the families who have lost all their possessions maintain their dignity. Many of them only have the clothes that there were wearing when they evacuated.


  1. Do you know what part of the town the mudslide happened in? And do you know how Santa Catarina is doing?

  2. The mudslide went right down the middle of the town. Santa Catarina has reported about 30 houses lost but this figure could change. Both towns are hurting and there is a big need for food. There will also be a big need for rebuilding.