Monday, September 13, 2010

Shoes....lots of great shoes in Guatemala!

One of the results of the flooding and mudslides is that everyone's shoes are in bad shape. Many people only have one pair of shoes and the terrain here is rough enough of shoes but when there is a lot of mud and rain, the shoes just rot.
We want to thank everyone who has sent us shoes. As you can see from these smiles, everyone is very grateful to have new shoes. We were also able to provide new shoes for many of the children who had to go in parades this week. They needed black school shoes for boys and just black shoes for girls and many of the children were able to get the shoes that they needed.
To see more photos and hopefully to see your shoes being received, please go to this link
To make a donation to help families in need please go to

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  1. What catches me all the time when I look at these photos is the smiles on the people faces. They may have nothing more than the clothes on their back but, they are never without a smile. They could teach some of us a thing or two.