Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Lamberta and her daughter, Nora need help in Guatemala.

Lamberta is 29yrs old. She had heart surgery two years ago and is still receiving treatment. She had an enlarged heart. She is not in good health. She has only one daughter, Nora. Nora is 8yrs old and is in first grade.

Two months ago her husband left her for another woman. He is not giving her any money to be able to buy food for Nora.

Lamberta makes beaded bracelets and earns approx. $7 US per week. To make this money she works until

She has a huge debt of $800 US that she was able to pay off when her husband was working and now she is unable to make the payments.

She is living in her own house. It does not even have a window.

They have one bed.

The biggest problem for Lamberta right now is that she does not have enough money to feed her daughter.

Her daughter, Nora is crying herself to sleep every night because her father has left.

This is so stressful for Lamberta's health.

We are hoping that someone will want to help Lamberta with food.

Lamberta went to the council in her village and was told to stop bothering her husband. That he has found someone who is better looking than her and that the new woman has money.

Lamberta was here today crying, she feels very desperate.

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