Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Landslides and Zuleta.

The Zuleta shipping company called me on Saturday morning. They told me that their truck was stuck in the traffic jam caused by this terrible landslide. He told me that he thought there were several people dead in the bus. It was obvious that they were very shocked and scared. They said that the Zuleta truck would not be able to get to Panajachel. I told them not to worry because even if they could get to Solola that there was no road to Panajachel. Zuleta then offered to have the truck drive down towards the coast, go to Santiago and put the box onto a boat from Santiago to Panajachel.
At the time it was pouring rain. I thanked them and told them that it would be safer for their drivers to go back to the city as quickly as they could and we would get the box when it was possible for them to come out.
I was very impressed by their willingness to try and deliver this box at all costs.

Series of landslides kill 38 in Guatemala

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