Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Evelin and her mother Esperanza.

Evelin attends the Mayan Families pre-school. Her mother, Esperanza works as a domestic and earns $20 US per week. Evelin's father left them for another woman and has rarely supported Evelin since.
They have been renting this house which costs them $40 US a month....but at 6.am. a huge landslide passed very close to the house and they have had to evacuate the area. Today, Marco from Mayan Families went to help Esperanza carry her possessions out of the house.
She doesn't have any family to stay with. Esperanza was wondering whether she would end up staying at the emergency shelter at the gymnasium....sleeping on the floor tonight. She was hoping that she will find somewhere else but housing is short and the rents are rising with the demand.

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