Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Anibal's Family is in Great Need of Food, Milk, Medical, Clothes, Bed (FA144)

Hi Everyone,

Anibal and his family are in great need of support. They came to us recently in need of food, as well as medical attention. Baby Edgar is in great risk of malnutrition and Anibal needs medical treatment so he can continue to work and support his family.

The family consists of 22-year old Anibal, his 17-year old wife Juana, and their 1-year old baby Edgar. Their house has only one room where they sleep and cook. They have no furniture, the family eats and sleeps on the floor. They family survives off of tortillas with salt and because of this diet, the mother is malnourished and isn't producing enough milk to feed the baby.

Anibal works in the fields washing coffee, but the money he earns is not enough for all of their expenses. It is barely enough to buy food. He works really hard, but a year ago he developed gastritis. Since he didn't have enough money, it was never treated and he is still suffers from pain in his stomach. He doesn't have money to go see a doctor or buy medicine.

The family's most urgent needs right now are food, milk for the baby, and medical attention for Anibal. They are also in need of a bed with a mattress, blankets, a stove, and clothes. It costs U$150 to provide food for this family for one month. It will cost U$50 for Anibal to visit a good doctor. One month of milk for the baby costs U$30. To help the family with food or medical care, please go to Donate Now and enter "FA144" in the details box, along with the purpose of the donation (medical care, food, milk, etc).

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Any support is greatly appreciated!

Please spread the word to find help for this family.

Thank you!

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