Monday, June 6, 2011

Bomberos of Panajachel, Guatemala

These are actual photos of the Bomberos, (First responders, Paramedics, Fire department) who are almost all volunteer risking their lives to help others. They are our heros and Mayan Families has been working with the local Bomberos for years now to improve their equipment and help in any way we can. This was a large truck that missed a curve, lost it's brakes or ? and rolled off of and down a cliff.

Personal from the Panajachel Bomberos worked for over an hour.

La persona fue hallada a pocos metros de donde estaba el camion.
The victim was found a few feet from where the truck was.

Poco mas de 120 metros cayo el camioneta.
The truck went down approximately 120 meters.

They do amazing work! This is in Honor of them!

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