Friday, June 10, 2011

Today in El Barranco

Today we are having a large medical/dental/veterinarian group attending the people in El Barranco.
We have closed the pre-school for the day and will be using the three rooms for the different clinics.

It has been so busy this week have not had time to post but we had a wonderful group of people who came down and put on parties for the children of the pre-schools in El Barranco and in San Jorge. Please go to the web albums to have a look at the fun photos.

They gave the children chuchitos, tostados, horchata, cake, and brought a clown.

Each child got a big bag of food to take home, such as rice, beans corn etc.

They also got shoes, a bag, underwear, and a toy.

The teachers got lots of supplies and everyone had a wonderful time.


Sharon Smart-Poage
Panajachel, Guatemala

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