Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Marta's 4 Children Going Hungry FA122

Hi Everyone,

We posted about Marta and her family back in March, 2010 when Marta had a baseball-sized growth just below her knee that had become unbearable.
Thankfully it was removed and was not cancer.

Thankfully, the generosity of Mayan Families donors has worked again, and Marta's school-aged children all have sponsors!! Though the kids now have the means to stay in class, unfortunately the family's situation has gotten worse. With no work available in their rural village, their father, Jose, has grown depressed, and begun drinking--a common escape here for those who see no way out of poverty. Unfortunately, his habit has left Marta and her four children, who had little enough before, with nothing to eat. She recently called Mayan Families, desperate for help--the children hadn't eaten in three days. Any gift of food that you can send would help ensure that these children don't have to go hungry any longer than they already have.

Marta would like to move to Panajachel, where the chances of finding a job are better than in Chimaltenango. Unfortunately, they don't have the capital for a move. They have no money saved up to begin renting, or buy food, while they look for work. Though she hates to ask for such a large help, Marta doesn't know what else to do, so she is hoping that maybe someone will find it in their hearts to help them, by offering a few month's of rent to allow them to move to Pana. A single room in Pana usually costs $83 per month..

If you would like to help Marta and her children or read their complete story, please visit:


Thank you!

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