Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Maria's Family Could Be Torn Apart (FA154)

Maria is the sole financial provider for her three children, 8-year old Alejandro, 11-year old Gladys, and 12-year old Luis. Her husband is an alcoholic and doesn't support the family at all. Maria doesn't have a job, often only washing clothes a couple times a week. She continues to look for steady job, but has had no luck.

Her three children are all sponsored and in school. However, her oldest son, Luis, has expressed interest in dropping out of school in order to find work. Maria has discouraged her son from doing so, as she acknowledges that it is very important that he continue studying, but as the family's situation gets worst, their options are running out.

Maria wants to send her children to the coast to live with her parents, but the children do not want to leave their mother. Maria would like to keep her children with her, but if she is unable to pay the rent this month, they will have no place to live and she will be forced to send them away.

The family's most urgent needs right now are food and help with the rent. It costs U$150 to provide food for this family for one month. To help Maria pay the rent, the cost is U$80 per month.

If you would like to help keep this family together, please visit:

Any help for them is greatly appreciated!

Thank you!

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