Wednesday, June 8, 2011

FA79 Selvin's Family Suffering More Illnesses

We posted about Selvin back in December 2010 when he dropped out of school after his father died to help his mother support his siblings needs.

Selvin and his family are suffering more illness.

Selvin's mother, Pedrina, who came to us for the first time last year when he had injured his hand, has returned to Mayan Families recently because the family--and Selvin himself--have again fallen on hard times. Since Pedrina's husband died years ago, she has been fighting to provide for her four children. Her small earnings weren't nearly enough to put Selvin or his sister, Maria, 16, through school--Selvin had to drop out after 6th grade, and Maria after 3rd. Since then, Selvin and Maria have been working to keep their younger siblings, Damacio, 13, and Andrea, 6, fed, clothed, and in class. They have done a wonderful job up to this point, and, aside from Selvin's accident last year, have been able to keep their family afloat on their own.

Unfortunately, Pedrina has had trouble working lately due to migraines, and Selvin has begun to suffer from the effects of asthma. The costs of his treatment, if he could afford it, is about $80 per month (we will look into getting the medications at a reduced price now that they have come to us), and he is often unable to do the physical labor that has supported his family for years. This has left the family to rely primarily on the $93 per month that Maria earns working in a small store. Between the drop in income and the costs of treatment, these illnesses have taken a toll on the family's finances. They don't have enough to eat, and they have fallen behind on their rent. They currently owe $67 for May's rent, and June's will be due very soon. If you can help Selvin, Pedrina and Maria with food or rent during this difficult time, they would very much appreciate the chance to keep fighting--without debt--so that Damacio and Andrea can have the opportunities that they never had.

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