Friday, June 17, 2011

Three Children Abandoned by Their Mother (FA150)

Hi Everyone,
The 3 Abandoned Children now have a Family Aid # (FA150)
This is a very sad story.

Mikala, Claudia, and Leonel were found on the doorstep of their neighbor's house early Wednesday morning. This was not the first time they had been abandoned by their mother. Ever since their father, who at 65, passed away last year, their mother had been seeing a new man and leaving the children at the homes of neighbors and friends for days, even weeks, on end. On Wednesday, she decided to leave her children on the doorstep of neighbor Doña Ramona and run off with her boyfriend and one-year old daughter. They have no plans of returning.

Doña Ramona brought the children to us yesterday, all malnourished with parasites. The littlest one, Mikala, was severely dehydrated and exhausted. She was void of all emotion. We have since sent them to a doctor and they are all currently on anti-parasite medicine. During the checkup, we noticed bruises on 2-year old Mikala. Leonel told us that she was suffering physical abuse from an uncle.

While the uncle and grandmother of the three children have offered to take them in, from what we gathered from the children and the neighbors, they are the two family members that have been abusing them. Neighbor Doña Ramona is very worried about the children and more than happy to take them in, but with six of her own-including one daughter in a wheelchair-she simply does not have enough financial resources to care for three more children. She came to us here at Mayan Families seeking help.

We would like to keep these three siblings together at Doña Ramona's house, however, if we do not have enough financial support, we might be forced to separate them.

It will cost U$150 to feed this family for one month. As well as food, all children are in need of milk. The cost to sponsor one child with a supply of milk is U$30 a month.

These three children are in desperate need of stability at this chaotic time in their young lives.
If you have any questions, please send an email to

If you would like to help provide Claudia, Leonel, and Mikala with a more stable future, for more information, please visit:


Thank you so much for you continued support!

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