Friday, June 3, 2011

Sandra and Fredy's Bridal shower in Guatemala.

Sandra, the Mayan Families Social Worker and Fredy, the Micro- Finance manager are getting married on Saturday.
As is the custom in Guatemala....there was a surprise Bridal shower for them yesterday afternoon.
We even actually managed to surprise them with the mean feat!
There were lots of fun and games. The Guatemalans are great at playing silly games that have everyone laughing.
There was put the pen tied on a string into a can see the men trying to do this!
Then there were games where we walked in a circle and everyone had to jump into groups of 1, 4, 10 or 12 as they were called out....that was a lot of fun.
Another game was trees, were five men walked around while five more men were stationary....when the music stopped they had to jump on the tree.....Don Bartolo below had a good tree in Eric, the Mayan Families driver!

We held this party at the end of the day at Mayan Families and we were very happy to have new visitors , Sue , Nick and their daughter join us for the party.

Sandra and Fredy are getting married this Saturday and like all Guatemalan weddings it will be a big event. Even when you just limit it to family, there are very big extended families and here everyone brings their children to the weddings.

We wish Sandra and Fredy a long and very happy life together.
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