Saturday, June 25, 2011

Widowed Maria and Children Kicked Out of Home (FA155)

Maria and her daughter Lucinda Maribel came to us recently to ask for help with their living situation. Maria cannot find work and her son, who has been shoveling sand out of the river, was laid off as the rainy season has just begun. They were unable to pay the rent and were thrown out of their house.

Maria is a single mother. Her husband died over 10 years ago, and she has been supporting her two children, 13-year old Lucinda Maribel and 18-year old Jose Alfredo, ever since. Lucinda Maribel is the only one in the family that can read and write. Maria is very proud of her daughter and really wants her to succeed. However, with the family's current situation, it is becoming increasingly difficult for Lucinda to stay focused in school when the family doesn't have a home or enough food to eat.

To help Maria with rent, the total cost is $50 a month. A food basket cost: $35, 100lbs of corn costs: $35, food for the month costs $150. Any amount will go a long way.

For details to assist this family in any way, please go to:


Thank you so much!

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