Thursday, June 2, 2011

Gerson 5 year old needs help to learn to talk! (FA 140)

Hi Everyone,
Gerson is a 5 year old boy who has never learned to speak.

Gerson lives with his mother Marta, his father and his 7 month old brother. They only have one bed in the house and they all sleep together in it. Although the family is very supportive with Gerson, and try to raise him the best way possible, his mother can't work because she needs to take care of the baby and her husband is a carpenter and only works when he can find work. The money he makes is barely enough for the family's basic needs and they can't afford to pay for Gerson's medical care.

When Gerson was 2 years old his mother took him to the doctor because he couldn't walk, there, they diagnosed him with learning difficulties, rather than physical impediments and they believed he would be able to walk if provided with physiotherapy. His parents chose to dedicate what little money they had to ensuring he received the physiotherapy he required, and sure enough he now not only walks, but runs like any other child his age! Gerson has started attending a school with other children with special needs and he is receiving good care, but it is not individually tailored to involve teaching him to speak. When Gerson's mother came to the Mayan Families office we sent her to get Gerson reviewed - to find out if the barrier between him and speaking was a physical issue that would require surgery or if he just needed speech therapy and time. Much to our delight, we discovered that Gerson's issue requires no physical intervention and with weekly speech therapy he should be able to speak as any other child.

Marta came to Mayan Families last week asking for help so that Gerson can learn to speak. The speech therapy sessions each cost $4.20 Besides that, the family also need help to keep him going to school.

One year of speech therapy will cost U$210, and to support him to continue attending the special needs school will cost U$200 per year. If you want to help Gerson with his speech therapy please go to Donate Now, and enter your donation in the "Other" box, with "FA140" in the "Details" box. If you want to help him to stay in school please email, and mention the number #1913. Any help you can give will be highly appreciated! Thank you!

If you would like to help Gerson, please visit:

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