Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Julia Must Support Her Three Grandchildren (FA146)

Julia is the grandma of three: 7-year old Maribel, 4-year old Yovani, and 3-year old Jose Luis. One of her daughters died last year and the other couldn't care for her children. Now Julia is the sole caretaker of all three children.
She doesn't have a steady job, instead she washes clothes by hands when she can find work. Julia's husband passed away 7 years ago due to a hernia that the family didn't have enough money to treat. Julia's daughter, the mother of two of the children, doesn't work. She doesn't have any financial means to help Julia or her children. Julia is struggling to take care of the children by herself.

The family usually eats tortillas with beans. When they can afford it, they share 2 eggs between them all. The family doesn't have running water, electricity, or furniture. They eat and sleep on the sand floor, and bathe in the river next to their house.
Julia also suffers from a heart condition, but because the little money she makes is spent on feeding the children, she can't see a doctor or buy medicine. She has been treating herself with natural herbs with no professional supervision.
Maribel, the 7-year old, has never been to school. In a country like Guatemala, where job opportunities are so scarce, not attending school will greatly reduce her chances of having a more promising future. Besides, Maribel has expressed a great desire to study!
The family's most urgent needs right now are food, blankets, and a bed with a mattress. They are also in need of a stove, clothes, and a water filter. It is also important that Julia sees a doctor about her heart condition. When Julia came to us, she didn't even ask for help with her own health, as she is so worried about the welfare of her grandchildren. However, it is essential that make sure Julia receives medical attention in order to ensure the welfare of the three children.
It will cost U$150 to feed this family for one month. A bed with mattress costs U$170 and the blankets cost U$20 each. To send Julia to a good doctor, the cost is U$50.
If you are interested in sending Maribel to school, you can sponsor her for U$180 a year.

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