Thursday, June 9, 2011

Sweet Enriqueta developed pressure sores (A71)

Hi Everyone,

Enriqueta is a very sweet 83 year old lady who recently had a stroke. Her left side is now paralyzed and due to her advanced age she won't be able to recover completely. She spends her days lying on her bed, she hardly speaks and needs help even with the most basic things such as turning in bed.

We recently found out she has some pressure sores in her left heel and in her back. Luckily we have a nurse volunteer with us who took a look at Enriqueta and pointed out that her family is taking good care of her and her granddaughters are doing everything they can to keep her as comfortable as possible which is essential for her well being, however the family doesn't have enough money to pay for her medicines and bandages for the wound.

Because she spends her days in bed, she needs to be as comfortable as possible and at the moment she doesn't have a proper bed, a mattress nor the pillows she needs to avoid the wounds touching the bed. As her wounds have to be cleaned very often, a water filter would be of great use as well, because the family has to buy a lot of bottled water and it is expensive for them.

A bed with mattress for her will cost U$170, the water filter costs U$50, her medical supplies will cost around U$30 and her medicine for the arthritis costs U$35 a month. If you would like to help Enriqueta with any of these items, please visit:


Thank you!

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