Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Several Family Aid Students are still in need of Student Sponsorship

Hi Everyone,
Here is a list of Family Aid Students that I know of who are still
hoping for Student Sponsorship. There may be others not yet blogged about.

Juan #1768 Family Aid Student FA105

Jose Ricardo #1916 - Family Aid Student FA142 - Also Needs Medical Care

Sandra #1919 Family Aid Student FA143

Maynor #1920 Family Aid Student FA143

Ana #1922 - Family Aid Student FA145

Jenifer #1923 - Family Aid Student FA145

Maribel #1924 Family Aid Student FA146
You can find their Family Aid stories by searching their FA# at the following web link and clicking on their direct link.

Some of these Students are also listed on the Students Needing Sponsorship public webpage at:

If you would like to sponsor any of these Family Aid Students to go to school or know someone who may, please share this information with them.
The more we rally for these children the better chance they will have for a brighter future.

Please also invite your friends or those you know who are interested in helping Mayan Families to help the people in need to join Mayan Families Connection at

so that they can follow along and become active in helping to rally for all in need and also help us spread the word.
The more people we can get involved, the better chance we have at helping as many people as possible.
Thank yo to all who are making a difference in the lives in those hoping for a brighter future.

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