Monday, June 13, 2011

Father's Day Food Baskets will be given out in Guatemala on June 17th.

Hi Everyone,
I'm just posting a reminder that Mayan Families plans to distribute the Father's Day Baskets this week on June 17th so if you would like to purchase one for your sponsored families or a family in need, please do so soon.

Please see Sharon's note below for details.

Thank you to all who are sending a basket for a family in need.

Any food donations during these difficult times are greatly appreciated!


You can purchase a Father's Day basket and they will be receiving them on the June 17th which is when Father's Day is celebrated here.
If you have a family that does not have a Father...then the Mother who is doing the job of both will be very happy to have a basket of food.
Thank you so much for asking about this.
> > If you would like to give a basket... it will cost the same as the other baskets, $35 US. If you would like to send it in honor of your father or a special person you would like to honor, please let us know.



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