Wednesday, June 8, 2011

(FA137) Evelinda and Her Children Need Assistance with Medical and School

Evelinda has had to rely entirely on her husband's income in order to support herself and her two children. But he left her for another woman and has since started another family. He still sends a little money monthly but it is barely enough to live off. Her shoes were falling to pieces and several months ago she asked him if he could send her some extra funds so she could buy some new shoes, but he refused.

One day when she was walking home in the rain, the bottom of her shoe, which had been slowly coming detached for some time, caught in the gutter and she tripped. When she fell, because her shoe was caught, she fell in an awkward way and when she tried to get up she couldn't put any weight on one foot.

She had no money to seek medical treatment, so she tried to look after herself at home. After two weeks, when she still couldn't walk on it, she finally went to the hospital in the next town. They did some x-rays and determined that she had actually fractured several small bones in the front of her foot. They put a cast on the foot and told her to elevate her leg as much as possible. They also told her to return to hospital several weeks later for a follow up appointment. Evelinda did not go back to the hospital because she did not have enough money for the bus fare. Instead, she and her mother-in-law removed the cast themselves. Evelinda has been attempting to walk ever since, but she still is in a great deal of pain whenever she walks and thus can only walk very short distances.

Evelinda's youngest daughter, Evelin, attends our preschool and nutrition program here in Panajachel, and the preschool teacher noticed that Evelin had not attended class for quite a few weeks. Concerned, she called Evelinda to find out why Evelin was missing out on school. Evelinda confided in the teacher that she simply couldn't walk the distance to the school and she had no money for a taxi, and therefore Evelin had to stay at home each day with her. Evelin cries every morning because she misses class and misses her friends, but Evelinda has no other option.

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