Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Don Alejandro Saminez

Don Alejandro receives a mattress, blanket , pillow and a supply of food .
He is in his 80's and his wife passed away earlier this year.
Don Alejandro comes from a very poor family. The only support he has now is his daughter who lost her eyesight this year. She had cataracts but was not able to afford medical care.

They are both now supported by the grand daughter who is a single mother, she has a young teenage son. The grand daughter sells fruit on the street . She makes very little money and it is not enough to feed them all.

Don Alejandro fell over at the cemetary while visiting his wife's grave on Day of the Dead.
He badly injured his leg and has been unable to get out of bed much these past few weeks.
The bed, which was just bare boards was very uncomfortable for such extended periods of time.

He was very lucky to receive these wonderful donations from a very kind person.

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