Friday, November 13, 2009

New toys for Tierra Linda.

These are some of the new toys that arrived in the Medrano shipments that were designated to go to the three Mayan Families pre-schools.

The children were so enthralled with these fantastic toys.

The older siblings who are now out of school , slowly inched their way in the door and to the tables to also play with the toys and see the books.

It made me realize how thirsty these children are to play with toys, they have never seen educational toys and puzzles like these. They really enjoyed themselves.

One of the projects that we would like to introduce is a playgroup....two or three times a week , or even more, in the afternoons, for the older children to be able to come into the pre-school, play with the toys and to be able to read the books in the library.

The leaders of the community in Tierra Linda really loved the idea and would like to have this program....but we would need to be able to fund a teacher for this program. That would be approx. $200 US a month. If anyone would like to help this program, even for a month, while the children are off school, it would be so much fun for them and would give them a chance to be creative and have fun. Many of these children have to work in the fields. Tierra Linda is a very remote little village, there is really nothing there to stretch the children's minds.
If you would like to help, even with a small donation towards supporting an afternoon program for the children, please contact us.

We also need volunteers who would like to come and volunteer at one of the Mayan Families pre-schools.
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