Sunday, November 1, 2009

The greatest thrill in Guatemala this week!

Dwight and I were invited to be the “Padrinos” to the graduating class of 84 children from Capulin School this week.
The duties of a Padrino or loose translation is Godparent or sponsor … to present the diplomas, have your photograph taken with the student , to make a speech and to present a gift to the students.
Mayan Famiiles staff wrapped the 84 presents in about an hour. We gave each child a small box of crayons, a pencil , a stuffed animal and a small bag of candy. These were taped down on a piece of board and then wrapped in brightly colored cellophane with ribbon. The children were so excited when they saw these gifts arrive!

We have several children sponsored in this graduating class and it was a wonderful thrill to see each and every one of these children graduate……but the one that was the greatest thrill ….was young Deborah.
Deborah has been sponsored by Paula Lesso since she started school. Deborah is paraylsed from the waist down and is in a wheelchair. She is learning to use a walker and can manage to make her feet take steps. When Deborah’s name was called out and she pulled herself across the stage, everyone cheered and applauded. Dwight and I both got tears in our eyes and I wanted to pick her up and spin her around for the sheer joy of seeing her on that stage. But knowing that she wanted to be treated just like all the other students, I managed to control my urges, and present her diploma. That was such a thrill for Dwight and I!! It was the high spot of the week!!
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