Sunday, November 29, 2009

Update on Crime and Violence in Solola posting.

Here is the news story about the ugly murder and violence in Solola on Friday.
There was also a young man, 23yrs old sitting next to the bus driver. He was sitting there because the bus was overcrowded and there was nowhere else for him to sit. He was also shot and killed. Last night our daughter, Zoe attended the viewing , called a Valoria, this is where the coffin lies in the middle of the room on a table, candles and flowers adorning around the table. Family and friends visit, coffee and sweet bread is served. The family stays awake all night, if the viewing is at night, the funeral is held within 24 hours.

Zoe said there were enormous crowds for this young man. They filled the house and were outside in the street. He will be buried today.

What a terribly sad event this whole thing was. The bus driver killed, this young man killed, the three assailants died terrible deaths and endured, I am sure, many hours of sheer terror before dying. The police station is destroyed, the governors office is destroyed and two or three police cars are destroyed.

But the people of Solola have sent a very strong message to the extortionists. Lets hope they will stay away.


  1. How awful. My heart goes out to the people of Solola, and all the bus drivers who have been killed by the extortionists. - Jo Lori