Sunday, November 29, 2009

Families receiving help with food.

Roberto is 17yrs old. He is the only breadwinner in a family of five. His father died 8 yrs ago and Roberto had to leave school to start work and support the family. His mother has always been able to work, either washing clothes or making tortillas but she lost her job and has not found another one.

The family has not had enough to eat and Roberto's sponsor very kindly has sent them some extra food to help them get over this period.

Roberto came to work at Mayan Families several years ago and we enrolled him back in school. He worked after school and on the week ends.

He has just graduated from 6th grade and wants to continue studying but is unable to do it full time. His family needs him to work to be able to support the younger children plus he also has an elder sister who is a single mother with a very young baby and it is very hard for her to work.

So we are arranging that Roberto can work full time but he will be able to continue his studies on the week ends.

This family recently lost the mother in a tragic homicide. Ingrid and Sindy are sponsored by Mayan Families to go to school. The father sells ice creams from a cart. Without the money that the mother was bringing also selling ice creams on the street, it is very difficult for the father to be able to have enough to support Ingrid, Sindy and their siblings.
Fortunately, they received this wonderful gift of food and this is really helping them.

If you would like to help a family in need with food, we would be glad to assign you a family, or send you their details. This does not have to be an ongoing committment. Food is such an urgent need right now that any help is greatly appreciated.
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