Sunday, November 15, 2009

Educating against poisoning.

Helen , who is a manager of our animal awareness program, Hope for the Animals was invited to talk at the village of Santa Catarina.

They have been requesting that Mayan Families brings a clinic to spay and neuter animals there. Unfortunately, we have not had the funds to do so.
Some of the people in the village are actively trying to start poisoning the animals as a method to reduce the population.

This is a battle that we have been having in Panajchel and surrounding areas.
One of the methods that had been used to reduce the animal population was indiscriminate poisoning. This is incredibly barbaric. It is also very dangerous for humans.
The poison remains on the street. There are many old people who forage for foods at the trash dumps at the market. Poison will be thrown there.
This is a terrible method of animal control. It gets rid of some of the dogs on a short term basis but it does nothing to solve the problem long term.

Helen and Marco from Mayan Families give humane educational classes three times a week in the local schools teaching children how to care for animals and hopefully, that will also make them more compassionate for people.

They went to the meeting to talk to the committee about spaying and neutering. The village is very interested but we cannot do any clinics there till December. They remain unconvinced and even after Helen produced a legal document saying it was illegal to poison animals, they still want to go ahead with random poisonings.

If you can help us to fund a clinic, we would be very grateful. It is $20 US for an dog or cat to be spayed/neutered. Please help us to convince this village that we can control the unwanted animal population by humane methods.

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