Saturday, November 14, 2009

LIFE school students !

Teacher Julie along with George, the director of L.I.F.E. school in Panajachel, Guatemala and 8 students donated two Onil stoves to families in need.

The students spent the day learning how to build a stove, how to install it, the benefits the family would get from these stoves, ie reduced burns from young children falling into open fires, no more respiratory problems from having houses full of smoke, these stoves have chimneys that take all the smoke out of the house. The stoves also use 70% less wood which is a great benefit to help the deforestation of the lake area. This also means that the people have to spend less time foraging for wood. This is often the work of women and children. Carrying these heavy loads of wood caused with these stoves, there is much less time needed to collect wood and these stoves use very small pieces of wood.

The students were able to visit and install the stoves in two houses. This was a very rewarding experience for them.
Several of the students also were able to visit the Mayan Families Panajachel pre-school and play with the children.
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