Friday, November 13, 2009


Little Leydi Gabriela Coroxon needs a heart operation urgently.
She is just four years old and has been released from the hospital 2 weeks ago.
The doctor at the Heart hospital in the city says she needs this operation urgently and it cannot wait.

The parents do not have the $750 US needed to pay for this operation.
We have made an appointment at the hospital for the baby to be operated.
We will be able to get them to the city very early in the morning on Monday in time for the operation .
But we desperately need the funds for her.

The father works as a builders assistant. They have another small daughter .
They live in a rented house in San Jorge that is in very bad condition.

Leydi Gabriella really needs to be in the hospital on Monday. If you can help her, even with a little , please let us know. Her parents will be very grateful.
Thank you,

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  1. How can we help? Can we just donate on the blog button and tell you where our money should go? Please let me know!