Thursday, November 12, 2009

Jnr. High school in Tierra Linda!

Thanks to a very generous donation from Connexiones and assistance from Paso por Paso,
Mayan Families has been able to begin construction on the second floor of the Community center in Tierra Linda.

The first floor of the community center houses the pre-school and feeding program for 35 children. The Tierra Linda community is asking if we will please extend this to another 35 children in January. We are hoping we will be able to do this but we need extra funds for the feeding program and to pay for another teacher.

The second floor is going to be a jnr. High school for the students of Tierra Linda.
Currently there is no jnr. high school near Tierra Linda and most of the students do not have the possibility of traveling to nearby towns to be able to continue their studies.
So not having a jnr. high condemns these students to finish their education at a 6th grade

It is especially difficult of the girls to be able to travel. There is no public transport and the village is a long way up the mountain.

The village is very excited about having a jnr. high school.
Thanks to Connexiones the center is already equipped with 12 lap top computers. Thanks to Dave and Danaya, Connexiones volunteers who spent many months volunteering in Tierra Linda this year, the students are now very familiar with using a computer. Classes have continued three times a week since Dave and Danaya left .
It is a new requirement that a jnr. high school has to have computer we are already meeting one requirement!
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