Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Receiving Christmas gifts!

These are just some of the lucky students who have received gifts from their sponsors.
For some of them this is the first time they have ever received Christmas gifts.
This little girl in the pink was a delight to watch her open her presents, she just laughed and laughed with delight as every gift appeared. I wish I had it on video.

Thank you so much everyone who has gone to the trouble to get these gifts here to these children.
It won't change the fact that they still live in poverty but it will bring them so much joy! And a little joy is a very nice thing to have!

Please go to this link to see the rest of the photos ...we have many more to post.
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  1. Sharon - Thank you so much for posting this! The little girl in pink is the girl we sponsor. I am in tears seeing the joy on her face and hearing your words about when she opened her gifts. My night has been made for sure!