Monday, November 30, 2009

Meeting with the Tierra Linda group.

Today we had a meeting with many of the parents of sponsored students. We explained the situation that we do not know if all the students will be sponsored for the coming year.
We also told them that, sadly, we do not have many donations for the Christmas/ Holiday Tamale Baskets and that we will not be able to give them to all the sponsored students.

We also talked to them about the construction in Tierra Linda. How everyone is working very hard to be able to bring a junior high school to the village.

On a happier note, we discussed the Christmas/Holiday party that will be held in Tierra Linda on December 16th. We will be having the graduation party first thing in the morning for the students who are graduating from the pre-school and in January will be starting in primary classes. After that we will be having the Christmas party for the children of Tierra Linda.
Every child under 10yrs old will receive a gift.
Santa Claus will be coming and so will the clown. If you are in town, please come along and make it a very happy day!
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