Sunday, November 15, 2009

Some families who received food and milk this week.

Emilia Elizabeth who is 5yrs old and was very underweight is now doing much better. She is receiving regular monthly supplies of milk.

Ingrid and Sindy with their father receiving food. Ingrid and Sindy's mother was murdered in September and the family has been dealing with this trauma. The father has been off work a lot looking after the children and not having enough food has been a real issue for the family.

Lory goes to Mayan Families Pre-school. She is one of five children. The mother is a single mother, the father abandoned the family two years ago. Early this year the mother was operated on for a tumor in her stomach and was off work for nearly two months. This really made it very difficult for them. The mother has been in debt since then trying to catch up.
Receiving food is a wonderful gift for this family. It has been very difficult for the mother to have enough for the children to eat.
Abraham is one of the children in our milk project. He was recommended by a local doctor.

Salvador and his mother were so grateful to receive this gift of food. The mother only earns $2 US per day washing clothes by hand. For Salvador and his three siblings often have only tortillas with salt to eat.

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