Thursday, November 12, 2009

Evelyn from Godinas.

At the medical clinic we held last week, Evelyn 10yrs old came with her father and a several siblings.
Evelyn has about 7 siblings but only three came.
Her father brought her because she was in terrible pain with an abcess on her tooth.
The doctors from Hands of Healing were able to give her antibiotics. We told her to come to Mayan Families this week.

We arranged for a local dentist to extract her tooth. We also gave the family toothbrushes and toothpaste and explained the benefits of brushing teeth.
Dental health is something that is very rarely taught and visits to the dentists are something very rare.
If the medical group had not come to the town of Godinas, the family probably would have waited out the abcess and it would have been an awful time for Evelyn.

Fortunately, she is now out of pain.
We welcome any dentists or dental groups that would like to come and volunteer.

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  1. Sharon, I am so glad that Supporters of Mayan Families were able to provide financial support for her tooth extraction. If you are a supporter and reading this, thank-you on behalf of the medical team who provided care for Evelyn and her family (which I was a part of) and thank-you on behalf of Evelyn. She can now go about her daily activities of helping her family, caring for her other brothers and sisters, and even learning free from distracting pain. She can now eat and grow into a healthy woman because it's not so painful for her to chew. Something this simple as a tooth extraction opens up a world of opportunity for one child. We never know how far reaching acts of kindness are, the beauty is that the rest is up to God and He can to far more than we could even imagine :-) Thank-you.