Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Ana (#1244), Adriana (#1246), Luz (#1245) Sahon Matzar Survive the Storm

Agustin and Luz Sahon Matzar have 8 children, including Ana (#1244), Adriana (#1246) and Luz (#1245).

Like many other of the poorest, struggling families in Panajachel, the best piece of land they are able to afford, and call their own was not the safest. They lived in the river bed on the dangerous side of the stone retaining wall, along with many who have lost their homes, and all their possessions inside.

Storm Agatha knocked down a wall around the perimeter of their home, and carved out from underneath the foundation of their home, leaving them essentially homeless.

They were luckily able to escape the raging river together. But it all happened so quickly, they were not able to save many of their things inside.

Anything you can give to help this family find temporary shelter, and new or used shoes and clothes, would be greatly appreciated.

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