Monday, June 14, 2010

San Antonio Palopo Feeding program

There was much to be done to get the San Antonio Palopo feeding program and pre-school up and running so quickly.

All of our puzzles were mixed up after the evacuation from the offices, so Fernando and Samuel had the fun job of putting them all in their right places.

Juan measured windows for the curtains that our sewing class will make. These curtains will be made from fabric that has been donated.

Lots of mothers came with their children to learn about the new program and sign their children up. These are not only families that have lost their homes in Tropical Storm Agatha but also families that have been very much affected by the devastation. There is very little tourism, there is very little work, this all relates to very little food for families.
Ely with the new pre-school teacher, Wendy giving the welcoming speech to the mothers and explaining the program to them. Ely told me that the mothers were all very excited about this program and are looking forward to the opening which is today, Monday, June 14th.

Thank you for your donations that has made this possible to help feed the children.
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