Thursday, June 10, 2010

Help needed for the San Antonio school.

Dear Friends,
I have just had a visit from Lic. Juan Carlos who is the head of the Education in Solola.
He is asking for help to build a school in San Antonio.
One school is unable to be used because it was right in the pathway of the mud slides.
There has been a lot of damage. They have climbed above it and there are some huge boulders that could come down on it so they don't want to re build it.
The other school is o.k. but it also was in the path of a mud slide probably during Stan.
One school has 504 students . The other school has 560 students.
They have decided at present that all the students will use the one school .
They will go for three hour sessions only so that all the children will have a chance.
They have been given a piece of land that is 20 x 20 meters. It is flat and in a good location , apparently near the cemetery.
This is where they want to build a new school.
They are asking for help with materials and with one builder. There are 47 school teachers who are willing to work voluntarily on the building.
They don't want to wait for help that is supposed to come from the govt. because they feel that they don't know when or if it will come.
They are willing just to make a very long building out of tin sheeting and then break the rooms up depending on how many rooms in each grade.
The other option is that they can build second floor on the school that is still standing.
This school is made like a flight of steps. There is one floor, then the second floor built further in and then the third floor built even further back. I hope you understand my description. One classroom already has a cement roof so a second classroom could be built easily on that. The other two classrooms have tin sheeting roof and would have to have cement lay ed on the roof to be able to build the classrooms.
If you have a club or a school or a church that would like to help with the rebuilding of this school please consider approaching them. It doesn't have to be the total amount. Which they expect will be something like $20,000. If we get this amount we could start building in block rather than tin.
If you would just like to make a personal donation towards the school that would also be greatly appreciated.
Any amount will help them get started.

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