Thursday, June 10, 2010

Student's gifts being delivered.

Due to the fact that our office is still being organized to move in.....we decided to take some of the student's gifts that had just been received in the Zuleta shipment. Above Gloria and the women of the San Jorge Women's committee carry the goods to our community/learning center so that the students can collect them there.
The students were so happy to get these wonderful gifts. Please go to this link to see the photos of the rest of the students receiving their gifts .
Not all the students have received their gifts so please don't worry if your student's photo is not here. Thank you to all the people who sent gifts.
Thank you to all the people who sent donations to be given out to the general population. They came at just the right time and so many people have benefited from them. We were able to give out a lot of clothing to people who evacuated and living at the emergency shelters.

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