Friday, June 11, 2010

Mayan Families Guatemala in the river.

This is the part of the Mayan Families compound that was washed into the river by the flood from Tropical Storm Agatha.
This is the view from our bedroom window now! This is our neighbors home across the river that though badly beaten still stood up. They lost a lot of land and also suffered a lot of mud damage to their main house.
This is the damage that was done to the rest of the house at Mayan Families. We have evacuated the house and the offices . We have rented a new location for the offices. We have taken over half of Colegio Marti for the offices. We have rented a new location for the pre-school and our family has moved into the old pre-school building along with a huge amount of donations, office equipment, pre-school supplies all in a jumble!
But this small damage and inconvenience is nothing compared to what so many people have suffered. We feel very fortunate not to have lost more.
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