Monday, June 14, 2010

Tuy Chumil Family in Pixabaj. Guatemala.

This family is one of the families that was devastated by the mudslides in Pixabaj. They lost their home and all their possessions. The family had a mud brick home that was engulfed in mud and totally destroyed.

Four of the children are sponsored by Mayan Families to go to school. But there are no classes yet and they don't know when school will start again.

They are now living in the emergency shelter and trying to dig out their land. We could not get a photo of it yet as it is very difficult to get through to the location of their home. 383 families lost their homes in this area.

Now the problem facing these families is that if they dig out their land and try to rebuild...will more landslides now come down this very devastated mountain side. It is going to be an agonizing decision for many families, they will not want to live in the old location but they won't have the money to purchase land anywhere else.

Any donations to help this family will be very much appreciated. They were left with nothing but the clothes they had on when they escaped.

Please go to our website to send donations.

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