Saturday, June 5, 2010

News from Susie

Hello everyone!First of all I would like to thank you all for your generosity, it is truly touching. Today the Mayan Family team brought sugar, Atol, hard boiled eggs, shoes and clothes to Pixabaj and Maria Tecum.Today I encountered something that brought tears to my eyes! On the road to Pixabaj, while waiting for the road to clear, Alberto (our sewing teacher)pointed out a truck filled with people from Terra Linda. As it turns out inside the cab sat 2 of our sponsor students! They had come with their mother to give lunch to the hungry people of Pixabaj. We have taken photos and will be posting them with their numbers shortly.After passing out more food in Pixabaj we walked to the neighboring town of Maria Tecum. On the way we saw the further extent of the devistation of the storm. We passed many, many stores buried so deep in mud that if I jumped I could touch the ceiling! (I am 4´8").In Maria Tecum we passed out food and clothing. There the need is so great that we are hoping we can return soon with more food.Thank you again for your donations! Tomorrow we are going to San Antonio, where 16 people were killed in mud slides.

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