Wednesday, June 30, 2010


Finally, my computer and internet are talking to each other again!!
We have been really busy unpacking all the amazing and wonderful things in these boxes.
So many great things!!! I just cannot tell you how precious these donations are.
We have several volunteers here right now unpacking all the boxes, sorting the shoes into boys, girls, men and women and as soon as it stops raining we will be able to start giving them out.
We gave out a pair of gym shoes to all the children in the Pana pre-school because they are starting to play soccer and they needed tennis the shoes arrived just in time!
We sent Leonardo's box over to him the same day we unpacked it but we didn't find all of the boxes till later. So he has more to go.
Juan went to deliver building materials to Ana Culan"s family and to Leonel Culan's family and then to deliver food to a family in Patulul....he was waiting in the pick up with Fernando - many of you know Fernando ...the driver who often works for Mayan Families and his blue pick up. ....anyway they were waiting to cross the road which was already a little flooded but cars were still passing, they were next to go when a huge surge in the river came and the car in front of them was stranded in a very fast flowing river. All the people had to be pulled out by rope, the car eventually got out of the river, but Juan and Fernando were stranded . They spent the night in a village and waited till the river receded the next day.

It has been raining here heavily for the past few days. Last night it was torrential rain. Everyone is looking nervouosly at the already rising river. The huge mounds of dirt and rocks that the govt. had pushed up against the river beds has already been eaten away and we have heard that the river is eating away at the foundations of our house again. We haven't seen it yet but I am sure that it is probably happening. The tuk tuk bridge fell away again and people are looking apprehensively at the newly repaired bridge.

We have a family here who is volunteering to paint the pre-school tomorrow. They are an Australian family who will be here for a few days. The mother is an we feel very lucky to have her start this project.

In the meantime , though we are so grateful for every single item in these boxes. They are going to make a great many people happy!
Thank you for all the hard work that you went to shopping, packing, shipping and paying for all this.
It is very, very much appreciated! !

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