Thursday, June 17, 2010

Dona Serapia

Dona Serapia is 80 yrs old. Her husband, Gustavo is 90 yrs old. Dona Serapia fell and has injured her elbow. Her husband fell a week later and is in the hospital with a hip broken in three places. He has also suffered a stroke. They cannot operate because of his age. Dona Serapia has five daughters who are all widows. They are all in their late 50's till mid 60's. They are not able to help her very much financially because they also are in very difficult financial situation. Dona Serapia needs help to have sufficient food to eat. She can still cook at home and likes to do her own cooking but she needs help to be able to buy her food. If anyone would like to help her, please make a donation for Dona Serapia by going to our website.. or click on the link below.
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